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For “Satvik Skills” Journey is Important not the Destination. We are destined here to do something for the society in best possible way. As we are in the era of Globalisation and IT reformation. The journey has just started and miles to go. There are limitations and challenges everywhere, Nevertheless “Satvik skills” is here to make a difference in skill development sector & contribute something for the society & poor youth as we all know that the youth manpower is the biggest strength of India.

In early days, so many unemployed youths from nearby villages and panchayats mobilized  to the training centre of Satvik skills and provided them Govt. funded training and placed them in various organisations . So that the livelihood of those families got secured forever. And the effort of “Satvik Skills” has been accolade by various organizations in various forums.

“Satvik skills” has the objective to setup multiple training centres in all districts of Odisha in the remote areas where the people have less awareness about the importance of  Core Skill & Soft skills. And in this Process, Mr. Satyabrata sahoo (Project Head-Skills), who is one of the key advisor of “Satvik skills” has been instrumental in setting up the training centres. To achieve “Satvik Skills” Mission and Vision Mr. Satyabrata Sahoo is the man behind all the Expansion, branding, name and fame. One line we can say he is the face of “Satvik Skills” in Odisha. He has profound experience, knowledge and skill about each and every aspect of Skill development programme. He has been associated with various premier Organisations and was in charge of Eastern regions of India.

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